The Naomi Project: Career Coaching

In a nutshell: I help job seekers, job changers, and career professionals find their ideal jobs, and execute action plans so that they can move into the job or profession of their dreams.

“Shall I not seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee?” (Ruth 3:1).

In the Bible we see that Naomi coached and mentored Ruth so that she would “find rest”. In those days women found rest in the house of a husband, who cared for their needs. Today, many married women work outside the home, and many single women work to support themselves. I am pleased to offer career coaching to help you “Find your purpose, reach your goals, and walk in victory!”

I will apply my MBA in Human Resources and 22 years of business experience, 10 of which included resume review, interviewing and hiring of applicants, as well as mentoring and career development experience, to coach you toward your career goals.

Details regarding my career coaching services:

Resume Critique and Career Coaching: This consists of a critique of your current resume, and a coaching session to discuss your career aspirations and help optimize your resume. For a BEFORE and AFTER sample of the resume rewrite service please click on the appropriate word in blue.

Career and Skill Assessment: This consists of taking assessment tests to determine your strengths and ideal career. The tests are coupled with coaching sessions to review results and discuss action plans.

Action Plan Accountability: Once we have arrived at an action plan to achieve your career goals, weekly coaching sessions keep you on task and moving forward.

For a free consultation regarding how career coaching can benefit you, simply schedule an appointment by clicking on APPOINTMENTS and BOOK NOW.

Blessings and Favor,

Michelle Olivia Smith