About Her Real Estate Services:


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in securing the home on (street name omitted) Street. As you know, time was of the essence and you handled the deal with tenacity and professionalism. When we hit minor road blocks, you improvised to bring about a successful conclusion. I feel lucky to have fallen into such a relationship. You will be my first call when I am in need of future representation.

- Rob D’Lugos

My wife and I accepted a job and needed to move from Maryland to Virginia and had less than two weeks to do it. We contacted various realtors but Michelle was the only one to promptly contact us back. We explained our situation and she immediately started sending us listings and soon we began our search. Michelle was very professional and took care of us like family. Michelle was willing to meet and show us properties at times that fit our needs and never hestitated to adjust the her schedule as obstacles arose. In the end we were able to find a property that fit our needs and budget because Michelle never gave up and placed our needs at the top. We will recommend Michelle to anyone who needs any real estate help and will let her help us in the future if needed. She made a stressful experience go smoothly.

- Ryan and Elizabeth


About Her Coaching:

Michelle…was instrumental in helping me to develop focus and provide me with guiding principles to help establish my business. She provided numerous resources, time and counsel in helping to add shape and depth to my professional goals and aspirations that allowed me to tap into my gifts and abilities to help others. I would recommend Michelle as a Business Coach who will bring her expertise, spiritual guidance and professional counsel to help other entrepreneurs put their best foot forward. I am forever grateful to Michelle for the impact and instrumental role she has served in helping me to launch my business. She is indeed a woman of many talents and would be an asset to any individual or business. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I navigate through this labyrinth of the world of entrepreneurship.

Shannon Ayers
Publicist – Consultant at STAR Management Consulting



I just want to say  thanks. I know that when you told me you were (a Christian coach) I was delighted. I then thought: “she can help me”……..I am glad that the Lord lead you my way. I was mixed up, confused in my direction and on many roads going nowhere. I was “stuck in the mud” and my wheels would not turn, and I just got deeper and deeper and then depression wanted to come, and then I tried to continue on and still got stuck. I found my self inching up a road with many directions because I had so many ideas, and then struggling with a business that I was comfortable in after 30 years. God allowed me to see that my vision was getting dim in the area of childcare and I was holding up my blessings, because He was taking me higher, and like Abraham he told me to let it go and move to another land. I am glad because I made the choice and followed my faith and now I am moving on to another land. The doors weren’t shut but, no new ones were opening in that area and I was more convinced as ever that my season was up and I could move on. Guess what, after these weeks of training and coaching, I have made choices, and with God leading Michelle to help me naturally and spiritually, my wheels are not stuck and I am full of JOY. I can breathe and move forward. I am not stuck, I am moving forward and to God be the Glory! ………….. I am blessed. Thank you Michelle.. Love you.

- Lorraine Whitfield


(Michelle helped me with) tools and techniques to help me manage my daily schedule in order to have time for daily devotion and Bible reading. (She helped me find) direction for what to pray for in trying to figure out what my life purpose is, as well as for focus, guidance, and understanding when studying my Bible.

Thank you Michelle……you are just what the doctor ordered. This was just the jump start I needed to take a look at myself, and to incorporate a daily spiritual devotion into my hectic schedule.

- Shondella Murray


Before I requested (help from) MSL Christian Coaching, I had my goals and thought I went the right way about achieving them. I lost my job and could not get any closer to finding a new one. After my sessions and Mrs. Smith helping with my resume, I found a job in a month and still have more job recruiters and companies viewing my resume and calling me for interviews. I definitely recommend the (resume optimization) service.

- Eryck Nelson


On May 16th (2013) while on Facebook I just so happened to notice that Michelle Smith was offering a FREE Transitional Coaching Conference Call titled “Turning Your Transition into Transformation.” I contacted her by Facebook message and let her know that I wanted to participate, and I was provided the conference dial-in number & participant access code.

I was so glad the call was muted because if it wasn’t everybody would have heard me crying during the call! You see I had been unemployed for over 2 ½ years and was very discouraged that I had not been re-employed by now even though I had constantly applied for many jobs more specifically for 156 positions on the jobs.sc.gov website. I was crying because I realized she knew exactly what I had been going through and the many feelings I was wrestling with. This had gone on for far too long with me and now through this conference call I was provided hope in what I thought had become a hopeless situation.

Immediately after the call I messaged Michelle to thank and let her know how much I appreciated the call and that it helped me out very much and that I was discouraged about my current situation but was now very encouraged. I explained some of my situation to her and was offered a free initial consultation which resulted in my sending her my resume. On May 23rd my resume was returned and critiqued and I followed every recommendation given.

On May 28th I participated in the second FREE Transitional Coaching Conference Call titled “Finding your Master FIT Career”. On May 29th my resume was officially updated. On June 6th I participated in the third FREE Transitional Coaching Conference Call titled “Getting Your Job Search Plan Together.” I immediately started job searching using the recommended search engines provided from the conference calls. On June 11th I sent out my 1st resume to DHL for a part-time records agent (up to 35 hours).

On Thursday, June 20th, DHL called me and asked me was I still interested in their part-time records agent position and of course my reply was yes. I was then informed by DHL that I would be emailed an employment application to complete and submit by 11am June 21st (this was actually the next day), I was also sent another email inviting me to come in on June 22nd for further testing (written & typing). On June 22nd, I passed both tests and subsequently I was interviewed.

I felt very good after the interview and was told by DHL to look for an email for drug screen & background check. On June 24th I submitted my online background check information and then on June 25th completed the drug screen. I am just sitting here patiently waiting on a date to start training. There have also been a lot of other job offers that I am receiving but I am sticking with DHL.

I am so glad that my sister in Christ Michelle obeyed the voice of God by providing the FREE Transitional Coaching conference calls. I was definitely discouraged with the way things were going for me and my transition had definitely turned into transformation with Michelle speaking life into my situation. Praise God!!!!!

- Clarissa Grissett Peak


About Her Book:

“What perfect timing for such an appropriate and inspirational book. The body of Christ needs encouragement while going through…..Your personal testimonies without saying was a tremendous enhancement to your book. How blessed I was while reading such a well laid-out, eloquent yet simplistic presentation. The book is “par excellence”……Michelle you are anointed, appointed and on target. Your multi-talents will pave the way with the help of the Lord, for you to soar and make a difference in the body of Christ…”

- From the Office of Mother Sandra M. Jones

(After reading “Understanding The Role Of Suffering and Rising Above The Pain”)


About Her Speaking Ability:

I had the privilege to work with Michelle for three years. She always demonstrated a immense amount of poise and presence in her personal communication and presentations. Her grasp of details and fund of knowledge are extraordinary and her research skills exceptionably good. She is a natural speaker and I would heartily recommend her for yours or anyone’s conference.

- Robert J. Quinn, M. D.

I was able to attend an talk that Michelle gave ……… and it was one of the most entertaining talks that I have ever attended. Michelle shares such valuable information but in a fun and easy to remember style. She is a wonderful speaker and a joy to listen to!

- Charlotte Hull