The Deborah Project: Coaching For Veterans In Transition

In a nutshell: I help veterans in transition from military to civilian life stay informed about life insurance and veterans benefits so they can make the right decisions to protect their loved ones.

Deborah was a woman in the Bible who advised a military leader about whether he should go to war. Through The Deborah Project I am pleased to serve the men and women who protect our nation by coaching them regarding life insurance and veterans benefits.

Are you about to transition out of the military, and have attended a TAP class, but are still wondering what to do concerning your life insurance or SBP benefits? I can help you navigate this portion of your transition.

I have 22 years of experience in the life insurance industry. Ten of those years were spent serving the military through a veterans benefit organization which provides life insurance and annuities to military members, as well as information regarding veterans’ benefits.  I now provide coaching regarding life insurance and veteran’s benefits to military members.

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To schedule a review of your existing insurance, veterans benefits and needs analysis calculation, or to confidentially review your medical history to determine how insurance companies might evaluate you, or to schedule career or entrepreneur coaching for you or your spouse, simply click APPOINTMENTS and BOOK NOW. (See the appropriate tab on the website for details on what I offer for career or entrepreneur coaching.)


Michelle Olivia Smith